Saturday, November 12, 2011

Be prudent - Mamma Wood

Just want to begin this post by apologizing for not have put up any new entries in an extended period of time. Sorry everyone!

And now as a treat, today's post was not written by me, but by my mummy! :D 

Now from the pen of the legendary Mamma Wood, "Be prudent"

Be prudent

In today’s world of fluctuating economy, most people welcome any advice which would result in their saving, be it money, time or anything else.

Today’s admonition to “Be prudent” therefore encapsulates what I hope will be some welcome yet simple advice.  Let me admit that this advice is not original but gleaned from my mother who was an avid reader.  She came across the saying “Use snippets of time.” and shared it with me when I was a teenager.

Being a “crafty” person, the allusion was a very real one, and it was easy to identify with the many little unused pockets of time which exist in the lives of all of us.  We often talk about wasting time but fail to recognize, or perhaps we overlook those little moments which are tucked away and  unused.  I know someone who taught herself a new language using the time she spent on the bus every day to learn new vocabulary.

There are two sayings which I want to mention: “The devil finds work for idle hands to do”  and “An empty mind is the devil’s workshop”.  If we agree with the ideas expressed there, then the fifth chapter of Ephesians offers some excellent advice.  Pay particular attention to verses 15 and 16, and then it will all make sense.

We know that God is interested in the “all” of our lives, and so when we are called to account, we will need to account for our snippets of time as well.  How can we use them?  We can  learn Bible verses.  We can learn a new language like my friend.  We can start a project.  The possibililties are limited only by our individual imaginations.

If we make a habit out of using our time wisely, no prudently, there is a strong chance that the attitude will spill over into other areas of our lives - our money…our resources…  and so today, as always….”Be prudent.”

God bless.

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