Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2012 Resolutions already? Wha?

'Only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ.' - Philippians 1:27

It may seem to be a bit early to begin thinking about 2012 Resolutions, but I'm starting to plan them now because I need your help. Let me explain:

The plan for my 2012 resolutions is actually an idea borrowed from a good friend of mine. He made a list of 12 resolutions for the year, but instead of beginning them all on 1st January, he only started one. Each month, he would add another resolution while continuing those already started. Basically, cumulative resolutions.

With his blessing, I've decided to appropriate his cumulative resolution idea, but with my own spin on it. I've come up with four different categories:

  1. Spiritual - Resolutions to do with my growth and development as a Christian. 
  2. General - Pretty much anything here really. 
  3. 2012 Bucket List - 12 things I want to do before the end of 2012.
  4. Challenges - I love a good challenge. This category is for people to challenge me. The challenges can last anywhere from a month to the whole year. 
This is where you all come in. I'm asking for suggestions for any or all of the four categories. The first three, Spiritual, General, and the Bucket List are all limited to 12 each, and we'll just see what happens with the challenges. Also, if you suggest a challenge, could you perhaps suggest a consequence for failing the challenge as well? Maybe 20 hours of volunteer work or something like that. 

I'll give you all until 23:59 on 17th December to brainstorm and put up any ideas you have, then I'll sort through them, and maybe (for the sake of accountability) let you all know what the final lists look like.

And please everyone, be creative, don't think outside the box, think 'What box?' Haha :p

Thanks in advance for what I hope will be some crazy good 2012 resolution concepts!

Ready? Steady? GO! (: 

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